2020 - Dues are DUE by Jan. 31st!!

Friday January 31, 2020

This is a reminder that Annual Dues are due (postmarked) by 1/31 in order to participate in the P4M Program. Annual Membership dues for an individual are $10.00, and are the same for a family membership. An individual membership allows for 1 person to pick plants at the annual Plants for Members Distribution meeting (as long as the rest of the requirements have been met), and a family membership does the same. If more than one person in the family wants to grow plants that are distributed through the Plants for Members program, each individual must have a membership to the club (i.e. 1 member picking = 1 FAMILY membership, but 2 family members picking would require 1 INDIVIDUAL membership and 1 FAMILY (or a 2nd INDIVIDUAL) membership.)

If you are not a member of the club but would like to join and get involved, we would be more than happy to prove you with the membership registration form and talk to you about this fantastic club!!

Dues can be paid at the upcoming January 2020 meeting, or mailed to Shirley Shelton (Treasurer) or Angie Bowald (President.)

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